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Using nova policy.json to Enforce Availability Zone Selection

We recently had a requirement to enforce selection of an availability zone* when booting instances in nova.  There’s no way to do this in the stock API, we didn’t want to modify code, and a waffle seems like overkill.  So I spent some time playing with policy.json config to see if we could enforce this there:

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Why the OpenStack Summit is Valuable for Me

The Liberty Summit going on this week in Vancouver is my third consecutive OpenStack Summit.  After working with OpenStack for almost two years, I no longer feel like a noob when I’m in the company of everyone else at the Summit. As things are winding down here (most of the operators sessions wrapped up yesterday),

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Highlights from OpenStack Liberty Summit, Vancouver

My tally of favorite talks during the OpenStack Liberty Summit. Thursday By Thursday, you can start to feel the Summit winding down.  For the most part all the operators stuff is done, and many of the remaining time slots are project work sessions.  However, there are still some highlights from the general conference tracks. A

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Installing grub2 on GPT Disks after el6 to el7 Upgrade

Servers that were upgraded from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 (or RedHat or other derivative) end up with an inconsistent boot loader configuration.  While the grub2 package is actually installed during the CentOS 7 upgrade, it is not actually installed to the MBR/boot sector of the disk. This causes issues later on, because sometimes new

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NeCTAR Patches to Enable Host Aggregates and Availability Zones with Nova Cells

Since moving to nova-cells a few months back, we really wanted to still utilize host aggregates and availability zones. Fortunately, we were able to piggyback off work NeCTAR had done to implement this functionality.  Here’s a list of patches we pulled in, and they’ve been working well. nova-api server read cell state from DB:  https://github.com/NeCTAR-RC/nova/commit/6fe7057fb4957485d3bac06579ddc38c93458064

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OpenStack Private Cloud Platform Enables Innovations and Efficiencies for Go Daddy (Melbourne CONNECT OpenStack Conference)

Slides from my talk at the Melbourne Connect Expo OpenStack Conference.  Lots of other good talks by other OpenStack superusers and contributors. OpenStack Cloud Platform Enables Innovation and Efficiencies from Mike Dorman  

Server Group and Flavor Support with Nova Cells Using SQL Triggers

Like many other Nova objects, server groups (which can be used to provide affinity/anti-affinity scheduling policy) are not supported by Nova cells. The core problem is the server groups created by nova-api only get populated in the API cell database.  They aren’t put into the compute cell database(s), and thus aren’t available to nova-scheduler.  Instance flavors

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March RMNP Snowshoeing

Here are a few fun shots from our snowshoeing trip last weekend at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We also enjoyed some sledding at Hidden Valley.  

Nova max_age and until_refresh Settings for Easing Quotas Pain (Updated)

One of the things that’s come out of the proposed “Refresh quota usages” spec are the little-known nova max_age and until_refresh quota settings.  These options allow you to trigger quota refreshes within Nova at different intervals. This can help with the various quota bugs, where occasionally the quota usages can get out of sync with

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OpenStack Operators Kilo Mid-Cycle Meetup, Day 2

Key Takeaway – We Need Operators’ Feedback! A common thread throughout the entire meetup is operators providing feedback and comments on specs and reviews.  It’s clear this feedback is invaluable to the developer community.  It also provides benefit to the operators community as our feedback helps shape the priorities of the various projects. I think the

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