2010 Wrap-Up

Best wishes from our family this Christmas season!

Family of Five

Jace Stewart

2010 was a year of many changes for us. Early on, we found out that Adena was pregnant with our third baby (a boy.)  Born on October 7, Jace Stewart was about a week past his due date.  Official stats: 8 lbs. 9 oz., 21 ¼ inches, 6:39pm. Liberty and Kaden were both there for the delivery and are very proud big sister and brother. Adena and Jace made it through healthy and we were all back at home just a day later.

In February, we became a two-car family. With the third baby coming and the little Saturn getting pretty old, we decided to go ahead and finally get a second vehicle. We ended up with a 2006 Honda Odyssey, which so far has served us very well. It’s given Adena and the kids a lot more mobility during the day and makes our family trips much more convenient.

End-of-season skiing at Copper Mountain

At the Grand Canyon

Mike switched to a new job with GoDaddy.com at the end of March, after over five years with his last company. This new position is similar to his previous job, but gives him more opportunity to do product development work, rather than just support and upkeep. Go Daddy is based in Phoenix and has a small office of about 50 people here in Denver, so Mike travels down to Arizona every couple months for a few days.

When starting the new job, Mike had to spend the first two weeks down in Phoenix. The rest of the family was able to come along, too, so we turned it into a working vacation. Adena and the kids were able to see a lot of the attractions in the area while Mike was at work, and we still got to spend all the evenings together. Over the weekend we took a trip up to Flagstaff and to see the Grand Canyon.

In the spring, we were sad to see our neighbors and good friends Dave and Karen move away to Yuma, Colorado. They’d lived next door to us since we moved to this house, and they’d really become like surrogate grandparents for the kids. Dave is a pastor in the Nazarene church, and received a call to the church in Yuma earlier in the year.  They’ve been back for a few short visits, and we were able to spend 4th of July and Thanksgiving with them out in Yuma.

With Dave and Karen’s departure, we’ve since welcomed new neighbors Brian and Carrie. They are a younger couple, expecting their first baby next year. We’ve gotten to know them quite well already, and it’s great to have friends next door again.

North Dakota State Fair 1.5 Mile Race

Elmo cupcakes for Kaden’s 2nd birthday

Summer was really quite a whirlwind: a couple camping trips, FamiliesAlive retreat, Dorman family reunion in Omaha, and visits to Elitch Gardens and the Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs. Our annual trip to North Dakota for harvest up at the farm included a day at the North Dakota State Fair and Liberty’s first running race. Liberty turned 5 in May and lost her first tooth at the end of August. Kaden turned 2 in June.

Kaden in the Big Thomson River

Liberty started kindergarden in September. We’re homeschooling her this year, and if that goes well we’ll likely continue into first grade. She goes to an “options” school one day a week, where she’s in a traditional classroom environment with other homeschooled kids. She really loves school and her favorite class is art.  She’s been learning a lot, and is already able to sound out many words on her own.

This fall we’ve stuck around home more since Jace’s arrival in October. The end of September marked the end of StrollerFit classes here in Castle Rock. Adena and Liberty were the first participants when the mom-and-kids exercise group began in 2007. They miss the friends met there but have many good memories.

Kaden picking pumpkins

Pumpkins from our garden

We’re looking forward to visiting both our families in Iowa for Christmas. Adena’s sister graduates from grad school in the Quad Cities that week, so most of her family will be down for that. Then we’ll be up in Cedar Rapids for a while to see Mike’s family for a few days as well. Pray for good traveling weather, as we do not have a good track record for road trips to Iowa in November and December!

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a great new year!


The Dormans

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