Month: December 2014

Note: I did a talk at the OpenStack Liberty Summit in Vancouver based on this post.  The slides are available on Slideshare, as well as a video recording of the session. (See the Exploring OpenStack Nova Cells post for an introduction and background information about Nova cells.) If you already have a Nova instance configured with […]
Cells Overview Nova cells was introduced at the Folsom/Grizzly timeframe as a way to scale Nova beyond the limitations of a single database backend and message queueing system.  This was mainly geared at larger operators who needed to scale beyond hundreds of hypervisors. At a basic level, Nova cells creates a hierarchy of Nova installs, each […]
Lately I’ve been trying to get the RabbitMQ management plugin to listen on more than one port.  This is in an effort to resolve these comments on the puppetlabs-rabbitmq Puppet module.  I want one listener on localhost only, in non-SSL mode, and a second listener on a different port which serves SSL requests from external […]