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Copper Skiing Trip

Thursday and Friday this week we went out and used our day of skiing at Copper Mountain. It turned out to be a good time to go, as there was several inches of new snow earlier in the week as well as on the days we skied. Temperatures were much lower than during our trip to Steamboat and Winter Park, so the snow was nice.

I skied on Thursday and Adena on Friday, while the other watched the kids. Liberty went out with Adena on Friday afternoon and had a blast. They did some green runs together and then Liberty spent a couple hours on the conveyor lift in the kids area.

We were so happy to see Liberty take to skiing so readily this time. At Winter Park a few weeks ago, she was less than enthusiastic about it all. We might go out for another afternoon yet this season just to get her some more experience. Kids under 5 ski for free, and it wouldn’t require us getting up any earlier than usual, so it would make for a nice day trip.

The rest of the photos are up on Picasa.

My GPS tracks are here, although I was disappointed to find out that much of my early afternoon (including a couple runs in the Copper Bowl) was missed. The GPS had turned off at some point, and based on where the “Copper 2” track ends, I suspect that happened when I fell on the Upper Sluice mogouls. However, I managed to capture most of the day.

I was hoping to find someone who had converted the Copper trail map to Google Maps tiles, but didn’t find anything. Ideally I’d like to be able to include the ski trail maps as a map type option for the ski trip GPS tracks.  However, I can see how this isn’t really practical since the trail maps are 3D artistic representations and aren’t to scale.  I might start playing with Google Earth at bit and see if it might be cool to overlay GPS tracks on that as well as the 2D map.

We encountered some snow during the drive out there and back, but in general the roads were in good shape. Every time we are out that direction, I am always amazed at how much of an engineering feat that I-70 is, especially on both approaches to the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnels.


  1. What do you use to overlay tracks? Custom?

  2. There is a company which has developed a Interactive 3 D Ski trail map system which calculates the deviation accross a the Ski trail map in 3D and positions you on the Map in ‘Real Time’. This system has been very popular in Europe over the last Season as most European resorts are covered.

    The system further allows the user to replay their day skiing either in Skiviewer ( 3d Trail Map Statistics included or Gpopgle Earth)

    Currently in the USA and Canada only a hanfull of resorts have been plotted as they have not officially launched in the USA /Norther America but they will have some 120 of the top US resorts plotted by Next season.
    Alailable is the USA currently are Steamboat, Big Sky , Moonlight Basin, Jackson Hole , And in Canada Whistlker, Fernie, Kicking Horse, Banff, Lake Lousie and Cypress Mountain .

    Visit http://www.satski.com Im sure you will find what you are looking for

  3. Yeah, all custom Gmaps API stuff, Colin. There’s a bunch of stuff I want to do with it still, see http://www.dorm.org/wiki/To_Do

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