OpenStack Paris Summit Notes

Random notes I took during the OpenStack Paris Summit.  May or may not be useful for others.

Note:  Matt Fischer has a great post on Key Learnings from Paris.  Also featured on the OpenStack Superuser site!

Ceph for Openstack (Design Summit)

Top 10 Pain Points from User Survey


Ops Show and Tell: Upgrades

Ops Architecture Show and Tell

Puppet Design Session

Barbican Workshop

Common Approach to HA

Akanda: Layer 3+ Virtual Networking Services for OpenStack

Approaches for Scaling Out

OpenStack Ops Using Serf and Puppet

Performance Tuning a Cloud Application

Scaling Ironic

Migrating Production Workloads from OVS to Linux Bridge w/ ML2

  • James Denton, Kevin Stevens
  • Have to migrate OVS DB schema to LinuxBridge DB schema
  • Overlay networks not supported (we don’t care)
  • GRE networks have to be converted to VLAN networks (we also don’t care)
  • Process
    • Convert DB, config file changes
    • Validate instances have connectivity, DHCP, security groups, on correct bridge
  • DB manipulation
    • Backup everything
    • Modified (built for Icehouse/Juno)
    • Update segments, ports and vlan tables
      • Change GRE to VLAN
      • Change segmentation id to real VLAN ID
      • Set a provider bridge
  • Install LinuxBridge plugin
  • Update SQL connection strings
  • Configure ml2_conf.ini / linuxbridge_conf.ini
  • Change driver from OVS to ML2 in Neutron and Nova conf files
  • Stop neutron on all nodes
  • Remove host data-plane port from OVS bridge(s)
  • Pull instance taps out of the OVS-related linux bridges
  • Rmove router and dhcp interfaces from OVS integration bridge
  • Stop openvswitch
  • Then restart everything, LinuxBridge plugin takes over and wires everything up
  • Failures:
    • Check traffic from tap->bridge->physical interface
    • Verify VLANs properly trunked through
    • IPs disappear or taps placed on QBR bridges
      • No Ips in nova list
      • Check nova instance_info_caches table
      • Cache can be regenerated with a hard reboot if instance, or by adding an interface to the instance
    • DHCP Binding_failed error messages
      • Check /etc/default/neutron-server is referencing ML2 config file
    • BRQ bridges not built
      • Verify new agents checking in
      • Verify the LinxuBridge agent is installed and running
  • Benchmarks
    • Performance on Linux Bridge comparable to OVS

Learning to Scale OpenStack: Juno Update from the Rackspace Public Cloud

Monasca for Monitoring

The Road to Minimally Impacting Live Upgrades of the Rackspace Public Cloud

Cold Start Booting of 1000 VMs Under 10 Minutes

Swift 101: Technology and Architecture for Beginners

  • Account not necessarily a user id, but rather a “place to store your data”
  • Containers similar to folders, but you can’t nest containers; unique to account
  • Client -> Proxy -> Storage Node
  • Data placement:
    • (Consistent hashing ring) hash prefix determines what node object goes on
    • Triple replica, placed on unique servers and across AZs
    • Stores MD5 checksum with object, auditor process continually checks these
    • Replicator process handles replacing bad replicas of objects

Building the RackStack: Packaging from Upstream OpenStack

Multi-Cell OpenStack: How to Evolve Your Cloud to Scale

  • Things NECTAR have added to cells outside of trunk; try to follow up on this stuff
  • CERN, API cells, what are these?  (Just the name for the top/parent cell.)
  • Missing functionality
    • Security groups
    • No flavor propagation (from API cell to child cells)
    • Aggregates/Zones of child cells are not known to parent cell
    • Server groups
  • How to migrate from no cells to using cells?
  • ~200-~400 compute per cell seems to be the sweet spot
  • Move to cells = build top API layer on top and then just have to shift some stuff in existing
  • Gift wrap out striker for package building
  • Git-upstream for local patches?

Neutron Lightning Talks

Ops Summit: Ops Tools Working Group

Ops Summit: Puppet

Ops Summit: Large Deployments Team

OpenStack Ops Program