Spring Skiing Trip

A couple weeks ago we went on our traditional spring skiing trip. Grandma usually comes out for a few days sometime around my birthday, and we take that opportunity to go ski since we can just leave the kids with her.

Normally we just go to one location and ski just for one day. This year, though, we got the Pow Pow Platter pass, which gives you one day each at Steamboat, Winter Park, and Copper Mountain.  So we had a progressive ski trip this year and went to Steamboat for a couple days, and then Winter Park for a couple days.

The days we chose to ski ended up being two of the warmest days so far this spring, so the snow wasn’t that great, but it was still fun.  It’s always enjoyable for Adena and I to get off by ourselves without the kids, if even just for a few hours.

We put skis on Liberty for the first time in Winter Park and gave her a chance to try it out.  For the most part I think she enjoyed it, although she did get a little frustrated when she couldn’t move her feet as freely as usual.  But, she says that she wants to do it again, so that’s a good sign.

We’ve got one day yet to use at Copper Mountain, so we’re trying to figure out when we can do that within the next few weeks before the season ends.  Hopefully there’ll be a few more good snows in the high country so that we can really take advantage of it.

More photos are up on Picasa.  GPS tracks for our ski days are on the dorm.org Maps page.