Spring Snow

This week most of Colorado was blanketed with several inches of spring snow. Here in Castle Rock we got about twelve inches, which is the most snow we’ve gotten from one storm since Thanksgiving. Copper Mountain received two feet, which is great because we are skiing there next week. We’ve had an unusually dry winter here–before this most recent snow, March was the driest on record.

I was happy that we got one more major snowstorm this season, because I’ve really missed the snow this year. (It has been nice, though, because the lack of snow has kept the voles out of the yard.) Just a week ago the temperature was in the 70s and I was watering the grass!

Friday was a “work from home day” because many of the roads were still in bad condition that morning, so we were able to get out and do some sledding in the afternoon.

Friday afternoon much of the snow was melting off the roads and sidewalks, and it’s another sunny day today, so I don’t expect the rest will last much longer.  But we’re all grateful we had one more chance at winter this year.

More snow pictures here, and some other misc photos from March also.