Today, on the longest day of the year, we’ve added one to our family.

Kaden Michael Dorman was born this morning at 7:07 am in Parker, Colorado.  At 19 1/2 inches and 7 lbs 6 oz, he was almost exactly as tall as his big sister, and just a half pound heavier.  He looks more like his daddy, and definitely sleeps like him… we’ve had a lot of trouble getting him to wake up and eat!

Kaden and Adena are both doing very well, and we expect to go home tomorrow.  Liberty was with us through the delivery, and has handled it well.  She’s very excited to be a big sister and has been quite the jabberbox most of the day.  My sister-in-law Kaia has been staying with us this summer and she’s been a big help.

Labor started about 2:00 am Friday night, and I was awoken with the “I think it’s coming” message about 3:00.  We all left the house at 5:30 and got checked into the hospital shortly after 6:00.  By seven minutes after seven, we had another kid.

Our oldest was induced five days after the due date, and Kaden came on his own five days “late” as well.  I remember the process with Liberty as being pretty surreal, and although Kaden’s delivery today was much different, it’s still surreal.  From the dad’s perspective, there is not much you can really do other than do your best to comfort and encourage mom, and be an advocate with the doctor and nurses to make sure things go how you want.

Adena went “all natural” this time, with no drugs or anything.  She’d had an epidural with Liberty, so the pain was a lot more intense this time around.  That was a big difference for me, especially toward the end when there was a lot of pain.  Liberty could sense it, too, and she looked pretty scared a couple times while I was holding her and trying to help Adena get through.

I had some difficulty keeping it together the last 10 or 15 minutes, especially after the water broke and things really started moving.  It was quite an emotional roller coaster… going from fear and worry seeing my wife in such intense pain, to great pride and admiration for what she was accomplishing, to such a joy of having another baby with our whole family there to experience it together.

I’ve posted a few pictures up on Picasa, but here’s a preview:

Family of Four

Time for us all to get some sleep.  We all look forward to checking out of the hospital and getting settled in at home.